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Broadcasting Hardware


Broadcasting Hardware

Although you really don’t need anything special to stream, a good quality web cam and laptop is enough to stream a good product. However;

These Products can give you far increased capabilities when Broadcasting your Class or Events.


TeraDek Products 

SoloTeradek – “Live Air Solo” 

Live:Air Solo is packed with real-time creative tools such as graphics, overlays, transitions, and support for all of the popular live streaming destinations. Share your adventures and events, in Full HD using Live:Air Solo. Streaming at your fingertips.



viduTeradek – “VIDIU” 

Perfect For Any Remote Streaming Location, completely wireless Econder mounts right on your Camera with a 2500 foot range giving you the mobility you need.


class-cam1Classroom Cams

All Kinds and Colors





The Swivl Robot Classroom Cam

Turns any mobile connected device into a Wireless Presentation Delivery Tool with built-in wireless microphone to capture the voices you need to hear. Add a second marker and place it wherever you need to capture group conversations.

Contact us for a Private Consultation in Regards To Your School, Classroom, BoardRoom, Event Location, Hotel, Auditorium or Training Facility.



Contact us for a Private Consultation in Regards To Your School, Classroom, BoardRoom, Event Location, Auditorium or Training Facility.
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