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Educators / Teachers

educatorEducator Evaluation

Successful evaluation systems help educators improve their practice, inform professional development, foster collaboration, and fuel student learning.


Members of the Commission are convinced that the teacher education profession is eager to make the changes needed to reform itself for the rapid and accelerating changes occurring in every aspect of American life. For example, most school districts have broadened their professional development programs, organized mentoring for beginning teachers, provided more time for focused staff development experiences, and emphasized student outcomes and consequences. Universities have made major changes in preparation programs, extending the time prospective teachers spend in schools, adding clinical professors to their faculties, and extending the professional development of their faculties to encompass recent trends and technology. Every teacher educator whom we have queried is engaged in some form of professional development, and most have revised syllabi within the past two years to respond to new realities in schools. There is a groundswell of activity under way to ensure the preparation and maintenance of more relevant and effective teacher educators. A more systemic orchestrated approach to selection, preparation, and renewal of teacher educators is needed.

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corporate-event-streaming2Classroom Spectators

Parents, students, administrators and outside third parties may be interested to tune into the live broadcast from your classroom.

ICollege provides Educators a web-based observation and evaluation management system, all of our “Educators Courses Accounts” comes standard with “Teachers Course Management Tools” for every step in the educator evaluation processes, from observations to student learning objectives to end-of-year grading, certificate issuance, Teacher Reporting Documents all automated and integrated into Student Grades Performance now allowing 3rd Party reviews and Evaluations.

online-learning-e_learningThis is the most powerful Learning Management System (LMS) available today.







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